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Soham Dance Space is a pioneering studio that seeks to uphold the practice, appreciation and development of bharatanatyam, a classical dance from India. The studio is home to a professional dance company, and to dance classes for adults and children. Before Soham Dance Space engaged Birk.Creative, the organization had poor online engagement, limited press, slow sales for dance classes, and a static website. The company had no ability to track visitors or attract new ones. Their website was difficult to update, had unclear branding and messaging, and no clear statement of purpose. In addition, the website lacked compelling photos and videos that could help performance tickets and classes. Brand confusion existed because dance director Anjal Chande maintained a separate website for her personal initiatives. Visitors didn’t know where to go to find information on performances and classes.

The Approach

Birk.Creative rebranded Soham Dance Space, created key messages to promote the studio’s work, and redeveloped the website to make it responsive, so that it looked good across mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Birk.Creative also improved the user experience design of the website to sell classes and tickets more efficiently. Birk.Creative rolled dance director Anjal Chande’s personal website into the main studio website to create one comprehensive Soham Dance Space brand. As an added value, Birk.Creative also provided Soham Dance Space with guidance on social media and community engagement, and networking coaching.

The Results

Soham Dance Studio now has an attractive website that is easy-to-use. The website now features calls to action to sign up and opt in to email newsletters. As a brand, Soham Dance Studio now has a cohesive look and feel that encompasses a new logo, brand promise messaging, a tagline and a new website. The website has better copy and descriptions, an events calendar, blog, email newsletter, social media channels, dynamic videos and photos, print communications, strategic content, and a website architecture that works together to sell classes and performances and to communicate the brand.

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