The sixth largest public school district in the United States

Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Content Strategy


The sixth largest school district in the United States approached us about creating a new brand strategy and to refresh their existing brand identity. They also needed help making a new strategic plan, implemented by the district's new superintendent, more approachable to diverse local constituents.

The Approach

Working closely with the district's Public Information Officer and Chief Information Officer, Birk.Creative developed a new brand strategy for the district that encompassed a refreshed logo, mobile app, website content strategy, user experience, and site architecture, graphics and infographics, print materials, and brand usage guidelines for school staff, administrators, teachers and IT staff. Our work also encompassed crisis communications and brand reputation management training.

The Results

The sixth largest public school district in the US now has a consistently implemented visual branding and messaging, and guidelines and policies in place that will help representatives of the school district communicate in a way that better represents the school district. The new guidelines are a reflection of improved oversight and management of the district by the new administration.

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