Illinois Liquor Control Commission

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Overhaul the ILCC website to make it more intuitive and user-friendly, while ensuring that it integrates with the State's existing Windows Sharepoint content management system.

Create a campaign to raise awareness among parents and adults in the general public about their role in preventing underage drinking.

Communicate to diverse audiences including manufacturers, retailers, parents and young people who are accessing the website for different reasons.

The Approach

To make the ILCC website more approachable and easier to use, Birk.Creative implemented a unique and easy-to-recognize branding system, clear messaging, streamlined content, and a simplified navigation. The new website needed to include search and multi-language support. Analytics were integrated to ensure measurement of success.

Social media channels and a monthly blog was also established. Birk.Creative trained ILCC staff on how to use social media to drive public engagement, manage brand reputation and conduct crisis management.

The bright and colorful "Talk it Up" campaign was created increase parent responsibility and to help parents start conversations with their middle schoolers. The campaign was executed through colorful graphics, an engaging social media campaign, billboards, PSA radio and television spots and robust paid social media and keyword ad buys.

The Results

For the agency website, analytics show a 5000% increase in public engagement and access across all touchpoints on the website. ILCC has received positive feedback from stakeholders, taxpayers and liquor licensees and manufacturers about how much easier it is to find what they need on the new website. The new website is reducing the amount of calls the agency receives, and has freed up staff time up to work on other initiatives.

The "Talk it Up!" campaign has been so successful that it is being implemented again with a larger ad spend budget for the next fiscal year. The campaign has been replicated by other states.

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