How To Compete Against When You Have A Brick And Mortar Store

December 9, 2018 - 6 minutes read

A multinational hardware brand, came to Birk Creative looking for an audit of their digital and online storefronts. They ended up with far more value than they bargained for!

The Assignment

A multinational hardware brand was seeking an experienced agency to validate and audit their corporate technology solutions, and also provide a review of their retailer marketing campaigns designed for their individual store owners across the world. The campaigns created for their retail storefront owners were not only were comprised of print collateral, pop up displays and coupon sheets, but also suggestions around social media marketing and advertising. Birk Creative providing a comprehensive creative, print, online and digital audit, and also recommended a major local search audit and a powerful review of their online store locator solution.

The Solution

Through Birk Creative’s expertise in online audits, marketing and advertising with the varying digital platforms, the hardware retailer received a clearer picture on the significant investment required to upgrade their entire marketing platform. We helped them recognize that driving store visits to their rural and remote stores was almost entirely dependent on a tool that would integrate with a mobile driving experience and Google Maps in order to compete against major convenience retailers like which send packages directly to customer’s homes and businesses. Before we dove deep into the store locator and mapping audit, we conducted a 10000 foot view review of all of their outreach efforts, including on digital platforms.

“Our audit of their digital environment keyed on identifying their existing old technology based on older paradigms, and recommending new technology that guaranteed results. We also looked at what tools they were overlooking, and what they were doing right,” says Birkenbeuel. “We answered those questions and provided recommendations to deploy new digital technologies; presented how much it would cost to implement; provided staffing suggestions that would help sustain any new programs as well as timelines.” At Birk Creative, we understand that external validation of processes based on data is worth as much as spending on new processes.

With design and brand strategy embedded in its DNA, Birk Creative reviewed and consulted on the visual branding for retailer marketing materials as well as creating consistent strategies for digital marketing using Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business.

Store Locator Tools

Most importantly, Birk Creative conducted a deep audit and competitive review of the hardware retailer’s store locator tool, an important tool needed to locate stores and drive customer visits. Store locator tools are necessary for owners with multiple locations, and especially multinational retailers that are in a fierce competitive sales environment. A robust, well structured and strategically designed store locator that aligns with Google Mapping helps customers find what they are looking for in close vicinity. A powerful store locator can also integrate with inventory to tell the customer whether the store has the item they need and inspired them to make the trip instead of shopping online on A successful outcome of a powerful store locator tool is a satisfied customer who just drove for 15 minutes in traffic to pick up an available item.

Solutions for small businesses with less than 50 locations: Check out Waze Local. It’s a brand new product that let’s you have pop up ads to drive location traffic when potential customers are driving through your neighborhood.


Birkenbeuel says, “The digital and technical audits we provide retailers and location-based businesses helps them validate their ideas and create a new online ecosystem that increase store visits. A new and updated digital ecosystem provides retailers with data and the knowledge they need to both understand how to represent themselves online and how to measure the impact that can drive customer brand awareness and establish in-store credibility. Utilizing these tools combined with an informed brand and content strategy, creates loyalty and wonderful customer engagement,” she says. “Ultimately, our agency was able to validated the hardware retailer’s working solutions and also helped them identify significant opportunities they were underutilizing.”

Digital audits often expose businesses to risk, liability and also talent gaps in professional development and training. Birk Creative also provided virtual training for the retailer’s staff around the latest technology solutions, advertising and digital marketing opportunities.

Every organization has blind spots and gaps in their brand strategy. Birk Creative adapts to the needs of its clients, providing inspiration for change, confidence and a go-to strategic partner for the long term.

Contact JinJa Birkenbeuel, CEO of Birk Creative at hello at birkcreative at com when you need an agency to help you with your store visit strategies that include store locator tool audits, and also think and create effective online and social media strategies for your company or organization.