How To Become More Visible Online: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech in Chicago

November 11, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Becoming an expert in bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency will help position you as a fintech innovation agency. Yet getting your business visible online will ensure your business success.

How much do you know about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? Earlier this year, our agency provided analytics strategy to Sullivan Wolf Kailus. Sullivan Wolf Kailus is already has unique legal expertise in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. However, our goal for them was simple. To help their woman-owned certified firm (WBE City of Chicago) become more visible and competitive online.

How did we help Sullivan Wolf Kailus and how can we do this for your company?

Recommended Methods to Enhance Online Visibility

Completing a discovery and strategy session to determine goals and outcomes is the first step. Then, determining the most effective online platform is fundamental to the success of your business of initiative. These include using [VIDEO] Google Analytics for tracking performance metrics. Finally, understanding how those metrics can inform strategy which leads to the growth of your online storefront is key.

Our agency can also provide a robust Google platform strategy so you have a digital storefront that is working for you 24-7.

Bitcoin is booming. Having an agency to help you educate the public, and provide lead generation to your expert company, would be critical to your success. In addition, an agency that provides research and international context can add value. Here’s an example: Have even you heard of Bitcoin in Ghana? What are the top five countries that are interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

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In conclusion, we can get your cryptocurrency agency business up and running with a powerful online web presence. Most of all, this can position your company to become more competitive in this accelerated technology space.

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