How the National Minority Supplier Development Council is helping companies like Birk Creative open doors to wealth development.

November 14, 2018 - 2 minutes read

The NMSDC is a nonprofit organization that connects companies such as Coca-Cola, General Motors, Apple, Facebook, and others, with minority-owned businesses that provide products and services that these companies need. The certification process for businesses is appropriately rigorous, requiring references, banking and revenue information, and more, so that those engaging vendors through NMSDC are connected to firms that are among the best in their fields.

Birk Creative met tech-giant Google through a NMSDC event, and a few months later we were asked to partner with them on a national assignment. That was in 2014 and we have worked steadily with them ever since. Twice, Google has asked us to be their partner representative at NMSDC’s annual business conference, with the most recent one in 2018 in Austin, Texas.

Many big companies today,

especially in technology and in the supplier space, are invisible. It’s tough to find a door. How intentional this is on the part of individual companies can be debated, but the fact of the matter is that in that challenging environment small and mid marketing companies trying to do business with global brands, like Google need guidance to show the way. NMSDC helps navigate that process of introduction, education and, most importantly, engagement. They are able to connect partner suppliers with companies and decision-makers who are committed to maintaining a diverse and high skilled network of suppliers.

During the recent NMSDC conference, our team covered the Google booth in partnership with “Googlers,” which are people employed by Google. We had the opportunity to talk with prospective suppliers of Google about the successful strategies that Birk Creative has created for the tech giant, what it’s like to service an account this large and how they might start a relationship with Google as well.

We are proud of our continued partnership with Google and the NMSDC. Have a look at how this organization can help you grow your minority-owned business here:

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