Coffee Table Book: The Honest Field Guide

January 3, 2020 - 1 minute read

By popular request, the coffee table book about entrepreneurship and podcasts that we take on the road to our workshops is now available for sale on! Yup. Maybe it’s a little bit pricey! But as you all know, talk is cheap, books about entrepreneurship are not!

A coffee table book of colorful inspiration for entrepreneurs, podcast owners and business owners.

JinJa Birkenbeuel, host of The Honest Field Guide Podcast, travels the world in search of salvation for her genetic affliction called Entrepreneurship.

Pages from the new coffee table book The Honest Field Guide: Inspiration For Emotionally-Strapped Entrepreneurs.

Order one copy or bulk copies at bulk rate, this beautifully-designed pocket-size book will fit everywhere you go and will keep you inspired and refreshed on your own entrepreneur’s (and podcast) journey.

Entrepreneurship can be a long way down when you fall so…look up!

Our sister company Birkdigital can write, design and produce a book just like this for you or your business. Contact JinJa for a quote.

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