Case Study: Analytics Audit

May 18, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Using Google’s robust analytics tools to earn customers for your business is now a “must-have,” not an option anymore. Read our case study to find out why.


Navy Pier had recently redesigned their website with larger visuals and clear calls to action, making the site more visually appealing and conducive to helping its audience understand the vibrancy and life of Navy Pier. The top tourist attraction in Illinois, Pier management was fully confident in the overall look, or the front end of the site, and wanted to ensure that the full impact of the redesign was maximized. Birk Creative was asked to examine the site’s back end for missed opportunities, produce recommendations and strategies for improvements, and provide associated costs and timetables for implementation of any findings.

Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Deanna Solomon, 2013.

Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Deanna Solomon, 2013.


Birk Creative conducted extensive internal and external research. A content audit was conducted of the website content to assess how well that content met stated objectives. Google analytics was utilized to measure performance metrics to determine, among many other things, if visitors found the pages and information they needed. Also included was a close examination of similar sites as well as a review all relevant stakeholders and user experience surveys. A social media, local search and SEO audit were conducted to measure the current website against best practices as defined by another Birk Creative customer, Google, Inc.


The audits determined that there were a number of opportunities for improvements, and recommendations were made which would increase traffic, drive conversions and buying behaviors, and generate additional positive brand awareness and stakeholder, partner and customer engagement.


Birk Creative produced a report detailing a process and associated costs with implementing the recommendations. The report included five top recommendations:

  1. Improve content
  2. More effective utilization of social media
  3. Improve site architecture for Google
  4. Implement an intentional strategy around the brand
  5. Improve SEO

The Navy Pier assignment provided a unique opportunity for Birk Creative to leverage tools provided by another client relationship (Google) for the benefit of another client, Navy Pier. Ultimately, Birk Creative was integral to improving the public face of a major tourist destination by strengthening the backend of their website.

Birk Creative can also help your company drive customers to your website. The World Wide Web is a highway, and just like billboards, you need to let customers know you have a business. To advertise effectively, and to earn customer, just like Navy Pier is doing, a robust content and SEO strategy is required. Email us to learn how we can help your business at