Birk Creative leads Etsy’s Top Illinois Sellers at Google Chicago

September 17, 2017 - 3 minutes read

What an exciting time we had working with the Etsy’s Top Illinois Sellers at Google Chicago. Co-hosted by Marisa Hall from Etsy, this is a group of busy and savvy small business owners that by the force of their original ideas, found tremendous success by selling their extraordinary creative personalized goods ALL online. These growing business owners, that we at Birk Creative affectionately call “Etsyans,” arrived ready to learn how to better market their products, but also how to increase their revenues across the full digital landscape that includes Google search, social media, and personal reputation management, like LinkedIn. We also spent time learning how to write ad copy, quite a feat for small business owners that are bootstrapping their way to success and have no time to think about ad copy!

These global sellers (and yes they are global businesses because they sell online) shared their insights with us also. For example, one business owner is an international sensation with 30% of her sales reaching a global market place. She is poised for more growth in this area, because she now has broader tools to market her handcrafted custom made lamps online beyond the confines of her online storefront.

Another seller explained how she is hiring four new people and opening a new warehouse in Plainfield, Illinois. Her success as a business owners has transformed her life, her family and her community. It was a pleasure to hear the success stories coming from so many!

And one of the furniture makers shared how his monthly revenues have grown just by a simple online post of one of his objects, because an editor found his products…guess where? ONLINE.

Check out the wonderful items by these makers. The furniture makers weren’t able to bring samples to the workshop, but here are their websites of remarkable furniture: and and

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