5 Myths About Social Media That Could Be Killing Your Business 

February 7, 2020 - 9 minutes read

Have you heard someone go into a full soap box monologue about how social media posting, creating and monitoring for their business is exhausting? At this point it’s a cultural staple. Often, it can be hard to take photos, post content or use hashtags without worrying about what people will think. Bluntly: People really aren’t thinking about you. They’re thinking about themselves. If you’re a small business owner hesitating about using social media because you’re worried about presenting a perfect brand image, these myth breakers are for you. Here are five myths about social media that could be killing your business.  

1. It’s self absorbed 

Using social media as a small business owner isn’t about self promotion. It’s about doing business. It’s about building your reputation, appearing professional and being visible to potential customers. That’s it. The platforms do not control your authenticity or the value you bring by sharing your expertise and process. The key to success is striking a delicate balance between making every post count and taking comfort in the fact that although it might feel that way at times–the world isn’t watching. Making every post count means putting thought into your presentation, learning how to use the features on respective platforms and taking steps towards finding the aesthetic that feels true to your brand. Keeping in mind that no one’s watching will you to move quickly and not be afraid to make mistakes. There is no one size fits all formula for self absorption but trying to grow your business without wanting to engage in modern marketing comes close. 

2. The market is too saturated to start 

You know the feeling. When you say to yourself “It’s too late for me to start this new thing.” Social media makes it easy to dive into these feelings because you see what everyone is doing on social, every second. The key to success on any platform is to stop thinking about other people’s follower count and likes. Instead, learn that consistency and quality always wins.

It’s true that the barrier to your audience grows as these platforms age. More people, more content, more competition. The best way to fight this feeling is to focus on your niche. When you try to cast too wide of a net, you start competing with large brands and established accounts. Be specific in your content about who you’re looking for, where they live, and how they use your product and service. A good rule is to review another business to find out if they are speaking to your target audience. Meaningful interactions, comments and questions with your potential customers will enhance your relationships with them. If you treat everyone like they matter, they will start to think of your business in the same way. Meaningful interactions are super powerful because there are still real people on the other side of your business username. 

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3. Its not working 

What does winning as a business look like on social media? There is no one size fits all definition because it’s about brand. If you find yourself on the ‘it’s not working” boat ask yourself the following before you jump ship: 

Are you’re focused on followers?

The worst mistake you can make is to think winning looks like follower count or like count. If that surprises you then think about it this way: An account with only 200 followers can be worth more than an account with 150,000 followers if those two hundred followers are real customers. Don’t focus on the follower count, the quality of your followers is far more important to your bottom line and brand strength. 

Have you been doing this for long enough?

If you’re trying to figure out if it’s working you should also consider how long you’ve been actually working at it–consistently. A few stray posts when you feel inspired is no way to build traction. The fastest road to disappointment is to put up a couple thought out posts and wait for the customers to roll in. It’s not going to happen. Trust, reputation, virtual word of mouth (aka sharing) takes time. You should bring your “A” game everyday consistently so that people start to see a pattern that lets them know your page is the go-to for their specific informational need or aesthetic preference. 

Do you feel this is taking too much time?

Running a business takes time and if you aren’t dedicating any of that time to social media, you’re leaving money on the table. Easier said than done. Small business owners wear many hats and marketing maven is often the last one. The key to success is planning and scheduling. If you aren’t scheduling most of your content on social media, you’re making a huge mistake. Not having a process in play can turn social media into a paralyzing, time sucking task that you’ll probably push to the side. Don’t fall into the trap of suddenly realizing you haven’t posted in a while and scrambling to figure out what to say.  Do yourself a favor and save the off-the-cuff posting for spontaneous and enjoyable moments. 

It has to be perfect — it has to be authentic, right?

Have you ever heard the saying “Done is better than good”? This apply more than ever to social media. In social platforms, we have seen the most polished pieces of content get zero views or engagement to grainy videos, sporadic tweets and in the moment photo ops. You should always seek to present your business as professionally and well thought out as possible but don’t let perfectionism stand in the way of progress. Momentum and volume rule the day on social. Never forget it.

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